Hi Bullers,

I am looking for very long term investment with strong fundamentals. Can you recommend or suggest me based on your beliefs, experiences and researches.

Definitely, I am doing some research. I am new to market and the market is crazy now. Most people are just trading but not investing, relying on technicals.

I have seen most company had double top pattern in( Kind of small crash but recovered immediately) 2016/17 period. What are the reasons behind that?

And, after 2020 end and beginning of 2021 the market is on support level and started extremely Bullish. What are the reasons behind that?

My expectation is the market will go two ways. First, the price will consolidate at same level. Second, the price will start to come in correction like NIFRA.


Thank you.

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  1. ekdamai long term lai ho multibagger ko khoji ma ho bhane there are certain things to keep in mind while you are selecting a stock.

    * remove all large cap stock like nabil nifra focus on mid cap and small cap
    * management experienced young huna paryo 15 20 barsa yehi field ma kam gareko 40 barsa jati bhako
    * sector ma growth ko lagi enough space huna paryo
    * aspiration vision to become big huna paryo company ma yo point ma pugchu bhanera just like mnbbl euta district bata operate gardai aja desh ko sabai bhanda thulo ra profitable dev bank bane still they are aiming for commercial bank
    * market leader huna paryo like shivm which has competitive edge among other cement company due to agreement with hongshi

  2. NEVER WAIT FOR THE PRICE TO COME DOWN if you are long term investor. It does not mean you don’t have to analyze the price of the company based on fundamentals. Never wait for the bear cycle to start, as on long run bull cycle will also start AGAIN. If company has growth perspective, handle my competent management, and fundamentally strong, then invest on it without waiting for its price to fall. You will miss the compounding aspect of the company which might not be reflected in price in short term.

  3. Invest now in a Bull market and the company you’ll buy now for 1000 will gradually come to 300 and will take more years to recover.
    If you want to make a long term investment wait for a bear market.
    My father bought FPO of standard charter bank at Rs 1200 a share in 2073. The stock’s price is now at 600.

  4. My suggestion is Wait for the bear market and start investing.. In bull market, trade frequently and cash in a lot of profit. ­čśé

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