Firstly, I would like to start by saying I have very little knowledge of share. I have a DEMAT account and just trying my luck in IPO’s. I come to know that my dad had bought share from banks almost (10-12 years back then). He also had zero knowledge while buying so he didn’t really care. Turns out he got share of 30 kitta, he just kept the paper of them thinking it will make him more money some day. So, can anyone help me understand how do I transfer the share into online ? Do I go into the bank in which I have created the DEMAT from or go to the bank of which share do I have ???Thank you in advance.

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  1. Yes, people have already answered your query. The good news is by now you’ve accumulated dividends and or bonus shares. So that should come to a nice payout.

  2. carry the share certificate to your dad’s demat opened bank and fill the form no. 16(DRN form). The bank will confirm it and give you some documents. Take it to the respective capital of that company( the company whose share is alloted to your dad)(for eg in case of upper tamakoshi its sunrise capital ) now submit the documents and wait for 2 3 days. you will receive shares in your dad’s demat account.

  3. Here’s a quickest way to do it,

    Case A
    If your dad doesn’t have dmat account, go and open dmat account in the capital where the bank he has subscribed keeps it’s share registrar.
    (To know the share registrar of bank just simply google)

    Case B
    If your dad already has dmat account , you first go to share registrar, submit your physical share certificate (collect bonus shares if there are any uncollected ones) and get it dematerialized. Then u head to DP where your dad has made dmat account and deposit the dematerialized shares.

    Hope this clears it out

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