**Step 1:** Become retail investors’ favorite by pumping and recommending stocks.

**Step 2:** Dump your shares, make profit and also blindside investors into thinking it is NRB/government/SEBON/NEPSE/finance minister are to blame.

**Step 3:** Form a pressure group and assimilate thousands for rallies.

**Step 4:** When market shows some signs of stability, crash it further, then come to Clubhouse again to repeat Step 2.

**Step 5**: Continue forming groups and make a new **”No-Vote”** pressure group.

**Step 6:** Continue crashing the market.

**Step 7:** Get into an opposition party.

**Step 8:** Ticket confirmed at least in the lower house!

Do your own research, people!

More at: r/NepalStock by Zealousideal-Dog7175

  1. People like rohan, dipendra, koirala, uttano, and a bunch of fake ids who admins most the fb group are good at brainwashing new investors in thinking that they are doing good for the small investors. What i found in my 6 year experience is just the opposite of what they say or do. Those people can’t even handle the criticism and block whoever raise questions against them.

  2. Clubhouse/FB/Viber/Telegram is really screwing up the mindset of retail traders/investors. Clubhouse is even worse. These *pani-puri kheladis* are building a cult-like following. This isn’t healthy.

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