I’m in the USA and I’m looking at these companies and I’m seeing high dividend yields (greater than 15%) just wondering if this is legit?

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  1. Those returns are legit but you do have to realize Fixed Deposits yield 10%+ these days (with no risk) so it wont be worth investigating in stocks if they didnt yield this much.

  2. You are probably calculating it wrong if you think it is too high.

    Dividend is calculated as yield times par value (price per unit of paid up capital – rs100)

    So for example 15% div is equal to Rs 15 per unit. Which is not that high.

    Basically, Dividend is calculated differently here than in the usa. You probably got confused?

  3. i wonder if there are any. If you find them run away from them.

    Generally company which crashed recently or in the verge of dying are the stocks with high **dividend yield.** They have low valuation for a reason you are not the smartest person in the market alone. 15% is itself a great return for any hedge funds why nobody is picking them revisit the past stock news once to find out the truth.

    Edit: i am talking about script in foreign country.

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