I sold some shares of 14k a couple of days ago and I’ve not received the payment in my bank account. I bought some shares today of 12k, I receive the SMS to pay however there is no payment option in the tms dashboard as Payable Amount is greater than Receivable Amount. Do I need to call the broker to settle the fund? Help me, I’m confused!

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  1. net settlement ma dekhauxa after couple of days, yedi dekhayena vani kei nagara attinu pardaina, payment receive garesi tirda hunxa. yedi broker le call garihalyo vani paisa haldinu vanera, mero net settlement garna thyo tetai bata gardinu na vandeu ani uni haru le net settlement garera tmro 2k matra bank ma haldinxa

  2. Praye broker ko TMS slow cha ekdam, kunai le ta update nai gardainan.
    The best thing is to ask for a broker statement.

  3. Mro ni same case vathyo esto bela tnharuko ma hamle tirna baki dekhako hudo raix so paisa haldinnan kineko share ko clear gara ani haldinxan

  4. You don’t need to call them. After a few days, the amount that you are supposed to receive from the sale of shares will show up on that tms dashboard. If you have purchased any shares, that will also show up on that dashboard. Finally, the net amount that you are to receive/pay is going to be mentioned, whoch you can settle at the end. I usually purchase shares with the amount that I am to receive after selling my shares and I pay the remaining amount, once all the informations are mentioned on my tms account.

  5. Fund settlement option ma net payable amount dekhaucha. Tesma zero cha bhane tirnu pardaina. I do that all the time when I sell and buy the next day with 58. It takes couple hours later after you buy. Check settlement page

  6. Haina hunna bro testo yiniharu le payment garna time lagauchan afai le collateral load garaera tiri hala bro natra fine lagcha. Bidtarai payment aaucha. Berkkar ma 20% ko fine ma parnu bhanda paisa jugad garera pay gari hala share ko

  7. It doesn’t matter what your TMS shows.

    You can pay according to your calculations or ask your broker for your statement.

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