Maile share becheko 1 hapta badi vaesakyo tara payment nai gardai na….call pani uuthdai na…viber ma pani reply aaudaina…Where should I complain about this broker not paying me in time.

Broker Number 49 is where I opened my TMS account.

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  1. BNo. 49 hasn’t refunded my collateral of 15K. After calling for one week daily, they finally refunded 5K and it’s been almost 3weeks eversince, they haven’t fully refunded yet. I called their hotline number and pressed 2 (for lekha sakha). They always say “aaja beluka samma aauxa” or “bholi samma aauxa”. But it never happens. Last time I called, they said, “Yo ta account dept. ho hamlai collateral thaha hunna.” I was like WTF. Everyday they tell me “aaja beluka aauxa” and now you are saying “hamilai thaha hudaina!” So where do I contact? They said they would transfer the call. They did. Ring went on for 5mins but nobody answered. This happened almost 2weeks and I’m not even calling them these days……

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