I might be comparing and this may not be a valid question but i was just curious that why there are no brokers in Nepal like that of USA. What i actually mean is in few reality based Hollywood movies i noticed that brokers were suggesting people which stock to buy and which not to buy and also they were managing the shareholders share, but here in Nepal I haven’t heard of something similar… Are there no brokers who do that kind of stuff in Nepal and also how does one become broker in Nepal

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  1. Reality ma broker vaneko tei ho client lai faida dilaer afu ni commission khane stock suggest garer tara eta matlab xaina share ta hapta laaux halna sell gareko pauna testai garo

  2. Broker license ma syndicate garera basya chan. There is no room for open competition and innovation in brokerage firms here.

  3. Before opening a tms account, I went to one of the brokers in my locality. I asked a question, “Sir, I’m new to the secondary market and do your firm help clients by advising them on which stock to buy?”
    He laughed and told me, “No sir, we don’t, tyo ta aafai garni ho ni sir hami sanga kaha time huncha tapie haru lai call gardai Vanna”
    I was not surprised but I didn’t open the account as I saw a person who left the KYC form 14 days ago, he was complaining on why his account has not been opened and in addition it was found that his KYC form was misplaced and could not be found. They were asking him to fill the form once again 🤣🤣

    This was all before the Covid. And it took me more than 1 and half year for me to open a tms account due my procrastination and as I knew nothing even though I was interested.

    Let me tell you that the broker is one of the top worst brokers of Nepal according to polls and small surveys done by few active pages of share market. You can know spot them as they are very notorious and famous for their service 😂

    But if you know any person inside broker firm then you will be provided information that’s what I have observed.

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