Can anyone advise me which script should I sell in the given case in the current scenario?

Basically, I have two types of scripts one IPO (hydropower and Bank) and a secondary script (Commercial bank and Microfinance). I am at loss like all of you but I am also in need of money.

What kind of script should I be selling?

*Sarpa Pani Marne* – *Lathi Pani Nabhachne* (killing snake without breaking stick).

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  1. I hope your IPOs are giving you some profit assuming no scrips as of now are trading below 100. If you are in dire need of money then sell your IPOs and use that money. You mentioned commercial banks and microfinance, it’s a dividend season now and these companies will start giving dividends soon.

    It seems many commercial banks will go after cash dividends as per current market conditions so again you will be getting some money in the form of cash dividends from some of your holdings. If IPO alone could not fetch you money you need, then offload partially other scrips but before doing that rank your scrips based on fundamental data and try to offload lower ranked scrips.

    Note: Do your own research and take decisions accordingly.


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