अर्थमन्त्रीले हावा भरिएको भनेर शेयर बजारलाई कतैपनि भनेका छैनन्। यो full video हेरौ सबैले , सिधै भिडियोको २:२३:०० देखि हेर्दा पनि हुन्छ। अर्थ मन्त्रीले हावा भरिएको भनेर वस्तु बजार, शेयर बजार, घर जग्गा व्यापार, औद्योगिक र आर्थिक कुनै पनि छेत्र तोकेर भनेका छैनन्, तर मार्केट घटाउने नियतले एउटा मिडियाले भ्रम फैलाई रहेको छ। अर्थ सरोकारले फेरी पनि पहिला जस्तै गलत नकारात्मक कुरा छरेर मार्केट मनिपुलेशन गर्ने काम गरेको छ। भ्रामक मिडियालाई कानुनी कारबाही गर्नु पर्छ अब।


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  1. Merolagani and Artha Sarokar. Be aware of them. Tei ho big investors haru lai manchhe lai panic garauna lai kei chhaidaina. So, yo aba investors haru le bujhnu parne kura ho.

  2. He has used terms like “hawa bhariyera badhne mulya baare”, “esko barema dherai bolnai mildaina re”, right after which he asks “yo share ko byakhya k ho? duwai sanstha ko tarka/definition milcha ki mildaina?”, and finally “hisab ko remainder kaha janchha ta share bazar ma janchha re”.

    Of course it’s about share market. The last 3 minutes says it all.

    Big players are after your shares, people. They are using whatever power they have to make the general public panic and bring the market down so they can get it in heavy discount. Hold is gold.

  3. Being in Finance ministry post He shouldn’t have said so.. He clearly indicate that Nepal is going through economic crisis.. BY SAYING BALLOON BALLOON WHICH refers to INFLATION and DEFLATION in other ways. Arthamantri ko para ley share market (Which is just a tiny drop )matra hoina purai Nepal kai economy crash huna sakcha… Land prices ghatna sakcha. rent ma drop huna sakcha.. income ma asar parna sakcha… overally tax nai low huna sakcha.. YEHA janta HARU PATRAKAR RA MEDIA LAI DOSH DIDAICHAN SHARE MARKET GHATCHA BHANERA….SHARE MARKET BHANDHA THULAI ECONOMY MA CHAI ASAR PARCHA JUN KASAILEY BUJHEYNA CHA .. YEHA PURAI ECONOMY NAI CRASH HOLA JASTO DEKHDEI CHU ma ta

  4. 2 hapta agadi market ghatcha bhanne le downvote khanthyo aba ko 2 hapta pachi kasaile market badcha bhanyo bhane sable downvote gare wala chan. This is what behavioral finance is.

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