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* what to buy or sell,
* or what bank to buy,
* or what insurance to buy,
* yo share kati samma mathi jancha hola
* IPO ma pareko yo share kun din bechda ramro hola, ajhai 1-2 din parkhine ki nai etc.

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  1. Guys, I am registered with broker 14. They are an absolute garbage. I live in abroad hence I cannot go to the their office to sort out the issue. My Mero share isn’t in sync with TMS DP Holdings as it shows nothing even though I own substantial number of scrips comprising Stocks, MF & Debentures. Hence, I can BUY, but not SELL. When I call KTM office, they refer it to PKR office saying your primary branch is PKR office and you should be able to get your issues resolved there. PKR office staff refuse any help because it can only be done by office head. The main guy at PKR office says I have fixed your TMS account, now any other issues you should contact your bank where you have your DMAT account. Bank says there is nothing wrong with my DMAT.

    At the moment, BUY & SELL is done via telephone(Viber). When I come to Nepal, I want to close my brokerage account with them and open somewhere else. Can you guys advise me whether the issue is DMAT account related or this can be resolved by broker or I need to contact NEPSE Support? I do not want to have same issue with another broker if the issue related to DMAT.

    I know number of people who have other issues related to TMS with this broker. I don’t understand how people can be unprofessional and still have their job.

  2. Development bank haru le pani poush bhitra ma AGM garna parcha ho? Like commercial banks? Ani M&A ma gako banks ko lagi yo niyam lagcha ki lagdaina? Ref: GBBL.

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