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  1. Is there any further room for the market to go down?

    All I’m seeing is sellers dumping their shares at every possible surge. Plus, the people who bought wildly when NEPSE was at 3000 seem to be the ones leading this charge. There’s no doubt that we’re seeing anomalies in the market. We also have to consider the impact of IPOs in boosting NEPSE’s index over the past year or so.

    Loads of news outlets are feeding retail sellers with negative news. The sentiment no doubt is low.

    My feeling is that the market won’t stabilize until NEPSE reaches Nov/Dec 2020 levels, or thereabouts. The surge until Feb 2021 was relatively organic. Since then, we’ve seen a whole lot of manipulation and price pumping. That wild upswing to 3200 was and will remain a rarity.

    I think this is just the market cooling down. Panic selling isn’t helping either. I’m seeing panic even amongst those who only have freakin IPOs. Human psychology, must be.

    There are still lots of buy orders. ‘Course you can’t sell without demand. In the medium-term, I’m still bullish on the market. For the next 2-3 months, I see a sort of a cleansing, some churning, a bit of purging.

    After raging like an inferno at 3200, this 30-40% condensation isn’t *that* outrageous. Economic policies haven’t helped either. Trust Nepal to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    My uneducated opinion on this. Take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Dip ko ni dip huni ho kya ho. Market ma ek thopo pani positivity dekhidaina ta. Sabbai jana badhos na matrai sabbai bechdinchu vanera baseko chhan ta.

  3. I had placed order for shpc at 411.1 (get excuted too | order book ma ni 411.1 nai dekhako xa) but the bill I received from my broker in my email shows 410.

  4. Market aaja badhe pani nabadhe pani hijo ko le garda bholi wa parsi sano correction/consolidation pani auchha hai. Tyei bhayera, avoid FOMO. Market always gives opportunity. Happy Investing!

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