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  1. Does anyone has any clue why the sudden rise at the last hour? Seeing the hydros rise seems like MCC is working on it?

  2. Namaste everyone,
    Old investor and a former banker specialized in share loan here. This is my first reddit reply. Hopefully can give some of my insight.

    Already buying small units at a time. Market is too volatile. The main reason is the policies of the central bank. Don’t expect upturn anytime soon. But i have been wrong in so many occasions before.

    My strategy
    1. Reducing my loans by 50% as interests have gone way high and value of my shares are down. 9.75 has already become 12.65

    2. Buying 100 units at a time if any of my companies price go below 15% than the last purchased price.

    3. Diversifying.. i have held and traded commercial banks for over 8 years now. Returns here are much lower than insurance mf and other companies and even hydro over the period. So slowly adding other stocks rather than commercial banks.

    As per my experience always listen to your broker. They know things way before the prices go up. Currently brokers have highly reduced their portfolio.

    This fall of similar in nature as previous ones which has happened before and will happen again. Less painful this time around even though losses are 10 times higher.

    Nrb has always been making policies to tighten real estate and share loan when ever they think that funds are being diverted in unproductive sectors.

    The current governor doesn’t have a fixed policy. Circulars and amendment in nrb credit and deposit policies are too frequent than before. They may tighten personal od and term loans next. Too uncertain.

    Finally. The market will bounce back.

    For example I bought Sbl @ 1300 and sold it @ 430 i believe and still made 100% profit. Similarly Iicn @ 3600 averaged and held it.

    So adapt accordingly. Buying is easy selling is hard.

    Thank you
    Sabai le kamaos
    Sabai ko valo hos.

  3. CBBL, PCBL, NBL, NIFRA ko bonus kaile bonus share listing garne ho Nepse lae. Khara bhagdaina hola ni…

    Jabo share dina ni time laauchan hamro desh ma.

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