Diependra Argrawal’s company (Ace Multi-purpose) does seem to be in the process of being the next nation’s biggest market manipulator. What are your thoughts?

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  1. He is a nobody really. Aile hype ma euta duitastock pump garyo Tei ho.

    Main players in the market are mutual funds and insurance companies. They have big investments in the market currently.

  2. People will act as “bhedas”, and will blindly follow these type of manipulators with the intention of earning easy cash and will ultimately lead to DA earning massive profit at the expense of these bhedas.

  3. Never run after huul because at the end of the day, frontrunners are always going to few and far between. The rest will sweat and bleed.

    Don’t buy ICFC and the likes
    Don’t lose sleeps at nights

    – my moto

    कि त 10% – 15% नाेक्सानीमा बाहिरीन सक्नुपर्याे जान्नुपर्याे ????

  4. He is collecting money from individuals to invest in the market… isn’t that what every mutual funds do..People/Institution with huge amount of money will always control the market…thats the reality of stock market

  5. There are already more manipulators with far more money than him or his upcoming company. We, as retail investors, should align with whatever trend the market is showing, not on how others do their business.

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