1 mahina mai selako ho kta haru?
Jati kamako thyau tyo vanda ali ta lagyo ni market le,
Take it as a paid lessons(expensive one).
Forget about all the policies, propagandas ,big players,small players ,operators and think independently .
In few years , where do you guys see our economy and stock market heading? To the moon ,right?
If Nepal was a stock , I would go long on Nepal.
The scenes will change ,after all Nepal has only got room to grow.

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  1. I am a die-hard holder ????

    No panic whatsoever for the last month or two.

    Good stocks guarantee sound sleep at night!

    (Btw, I have stopped looking at my portfolio lately ????????????)

  2. Negative, Everyone should just ignore the market right now. Don’t even bother with buying out what stock there will be, just let other idiots like me buy it instead. Don’t waste your money.

  3. i;ve been thinking of loss booking. considering market likely to not go up untill deposit interest are down and liquidity is back to normal, i’m assuming atleast months to get things back to normal.

    sell stocks that are already in loss. wait for market to go down further and buy them.

  4. I put in half of my savings today. Ajhai ghatyo bhane ajhai kinchhu. It may be stupid but ajhai thapdai jana man chha malai chahi.

  5. bro its not about 20% fall 70 80% samma jharcha kati stock haru kati ta purano all time high ma kaile pani nafarkina pani sakcha ani sabai bhanda badi important opportunity cost 50% fall bhayo bhane breakeven huna matrai 100% badnu parcha nabil ko purano all time high ma parni haru ko fixed deposit jati pani return chaina 4 barsa ko timeframe ma.

    stock is the riskiest asset in the world so you shouldnt treat it that easy . Company selection is the most important part when it comes to investing. I am super bullish on nepalese stock at the same time i am aware of risk sabai investment le return dincha nai bhanna sakinna.

    aileko fall le dherai lai kharab stock hold garda, afno exit strategy nahuda k huncha bhanera sikayo hola Happy investing happy learning

  6. When i started investing in stocks almost about a year ago all i wanted was to make about 1 lakh profit and buy a DSLR. I met my target few months into investing, it went as high as more than 100% profit way beyond my target. And i still did not sell. Currently i am losing few thousand rupees every day. I still dont plan on selling. I am going all in for however all i can. ????

  7. 10000 by 2025
    (Taking into the fact many companies are launching ipos and real sectors companies to issue shares in book building process)

    Let’s fucking go. 5 folds in five years

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