Kaile aap khasla ra khaula vanera kurera basne dherai chhan. Even few big investors might have missed the opportunity. Yesto time ma 200 points ko correction maile chai expect garna sakina hai boro haru.

Neutral vayera comment garum ta.

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  1. With the increasing volume, its most likely that it will hit ath.

    Since we don’t have ability for shorting in nepse, any and all increasing volume would mean gains in nepse

  2. “I can calculate the motion of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.” sir Isaac Newton

    Let’s hope for better madness

  3. I don’t see big corrections happening. With so much volume coming these days, FOMO is created among investors and everybody is currently positive about the market so jump in because there is no right time.

  4. Correction ta aauxa bhanne tha huda hudai entry gare xu hijo. Khai hope dherai thulo correction aaudaina. Fingers crossed. ????????

  5. Selling pressure ai raheko chha. Correction sano tino auna sakcha. Dherai thulo correction aile nai auncha jasto lagdaina malai.

  6. Lockdown huncha bhanera dherai jaso pheri market ma farkeka chan..volume le ni tyei bhancha…so, maybe paila kai trend follow garcha jasto cha

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