I’ve sold all my shares in huge loss just two days before market making the low. Now I’m regretting it and the way market is heading, it’s making me frustrated. What should I do now ?

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  1. Invest in good companies. If prices go down, buy more. You will have more of the good stocks. If prices go up, cheers, value of your portfolio is up.

  2. trading in the zone/ disciplined trader/ reminiscences of a stock operator are good books. you should give it a try.

  3. Ali Kati fundamental ko knowledge bhako bhaye 2200 ma sell garna man lauthena hola downside risk ekdam Kam thiyo 2200 ma

  4. I would say buy some tomorrow in the pre market. The previous bull run was due to the same reason. The smart money have already collected the shares on Thursday and today. If you are young take the risk. You shouldn’t be at much loss even if the market goes down.

  5. Dont jump into the market with all your money at once …invest a certain percentage of your capital now and invest some more if the market dips further…dont FOMO all your cash….

  6. Why did you sell? Had you not invested in dividend yielding scrips, or fundamentally strong companies? As u/berojgar_keto mentioned, timing the market is really difficult. But patience and selection of securities pays off big time.

  7. “People do not get what they want or what they expect from markets, they get what they deserve.”

    – Bill Bonner

  8. Time in the market always beats timing the market…..timing the market is real hard…learn about dollar cost averaging and try to use that strategy

  9. ” Market will keep on giving opportunities to earn” is the thing to always remember. If your analysis suggest, this is the right time to enter the market then you should follow your analysis, but FOMO-ing is not a good way to trade or invest.

  10. been there, done that. nric 1360 ma bechera 1900 ma kinera aaile 1200 ma pugi sakeko theo. nobody knows for sure that kaile bata market tala jharna suru huncha or kaile samma badcha.

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