Can anyone guide me on which shares to invest in. I am fairly new to the game. Crorepati bannu paryo

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  1. Reddit ma sodhnu satto merchant banker haru le portfolio management service provide garcha, inquire with them.

    If you dont know the ins and outs of nepali share market I’d suggest you to do fd, banks are giving 11% interest, risk free 11% is not a joke. 3-6 months ko rotation ma garda vo.

  2. looking at current stock market situation I’d not invest in it even if warren buffet himself gives me the tips. so that being said i’d go for:

    1. real estate. I know a guy who recently flipped his land bought for 6 lakh per aana for 8 lakh per aana in 3-4 months.
    2. FD but for 3-6 months only.

    And in the mean time i’d make some effort to learn about stock market.

  3. rather than asking random people suggestion you can invest the same money for financial advise from experienced financial manager

  4. Invest it consistently, rather than trying to get the perfect timing, That is the best way to get the most out of the market.

  5. if you are thinking of investing, keep your time frame at least 4-5 years. Despite of market bull or bear cycle, in 5 years, if your investment is good enough, you’ll get good gains. Dont buy all 25 lakhs at once. Buy 5-8 lakhs now and just wait how the market goes. Then add other 5-8 lakhs if you get some 10-12% bargain on your scrips. Trade with other 5-8 lakhs for short term.
    How to choose companies may be your question.
    See the PE ratio and market cap, go with banks with good growth like SANIMA,NICA and SBL. Banks have slow growth in market but buying now wont be a loss. If you can hold for some 4-5 years, above mentioned banks can give you really good returns. Microfinances give good return in long time. Dont go with the likes of CBBL, NUBL,JBLB; they are already large and heavyweights compared to other microfinances. See the potential ones with small paid up and good growth, like MLBSL,LLBS,NMFBS etc. And for short time trade, wait the market to show some reversal, personally I think buying this week may give satisfactory gains in short term. Hotels are my pick for short term.

  6. As other suggestions here, please research yourself.

    Youtube ma dherai videos haru xa kasari company pick, kasto company pick garne type ko.

    Or Books haru ni tanna pauxa, dherai help hunxa.

    But actual learning chai market mai xirexi hunxa, ali ali gardai kindai sikdai jane ho. Ekaichoti kahile pani sab paisa halera share chai nakinam vanxu ma chai.

  7. Send it to my bank account. *25 din me paisa double*
    But on a serious note invest in real estate or FD than amount till you learn about share market.

  8. Seriously you are trusting strangers on reddit with that amount of money….good luck

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