Hi, Everyone. Hope you all are safe and well.

I am just starting out in regards to the share market and learning so much from here. One thing that I have understood till now is that you need a really big capital (above Rs. 50,000) in order to make even tiny profits of about Rs. 5,000 from trading shares. (Pls correct if I’m wrong in this.)

So, my question is since I’m only a student and I can only save about Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 8,000 per month max. How should I invest it in shares? Should I buy about 10-20 units of shares of good companies every month with my savings?

Or, should I keep on saving until I collect a substantial sum of money for buying larger quantities of shares later in the future? Any advise/suggestions are whole heartedly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. > How should a student with small savings per month can invest in the share market?

    Just like how an investor with big savings per month can. Find good stocks, trust your decision, hold. Get better with time. 5 hajar halera churot khane paisa matra aucha. Consider this your retirement saving, and forget about your holdings. Sell only if there’s a massive money crunch in your life.

    Small, big, investment is an investment. 1 option in your portfolio = 1 option in everyone’s portfolio.

  2. When you have small sum, you not only need to look for undervalued shares but also undervalued shares that are cheap.
    For example, mahila laghubitta is a company with huge potential and its prices will keep rising up because of less number of shares But its price is valued around 3000 so it will cost you 30000 to buy just 10 shares. And your profit is very limited.
    Now, look at ksbbl instead
    It is similarly undervalued but its price is around 500 rs so you could get 60 shares for the same sum.

    Even if prices rise in same amount in both cases, you have booked more profit in later case . Plus if dividend and bonuses are announced, it favors second option .

    Also when you are starting with small sum, diversification is definitely not a good idea

  3. Remember the eight wonder of world is compound interest. The early you start to invest the more profit you are able to make in your future. For compounding always buy blue chip stocks. They might seem giving you small benefits but will add up to big sum after certain amount.

  4. Abo boli parsi IPO aune suru bayo bane Tesma apply gara,ahile Lai tyo paisa save gara,Ani chutti ko Dina Bazar ko movement haru herdai wait gara ,Asti jasto derai nai Tala ghateko bela put your cash ,java Ali derai badeko bela take out. Dindinai buy/sell Garda padai ma asar parla,so weekly herdai gara…

  5. Dividend ko lagi start buying blue chips in the odd lot. Short term ko lagi look for market dips. Dherai movement bhairako share haru ma invest garyo bhane profit hune chance hunchha. Bhako paisa long term ra short term dubai tira invest gari rakheko ramro ho.

  6. Invest 10-20 units or you can also invest in mutual funds in rainy days. You can invest little as 1k in mutual funds.

  7. Keep buying 10, 20 or whatever units you can. I started the same way. Develop a investing habit and maintain that. The road to success is long but you will reach there eventually.

  8. Save, 5000 for a year and buy blue chip with that 60000. Buying 10 kitta will only charge much these days.

    When bear comes you can buy around 50 kitta with 5000 so watch out.

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