Quarterly report:



Paid up value can be found here:



Btw, it (maybe) has 2 projects totaling around 5 MW .


I guess its wrong report. People are likely going to loose a lot because of this potential misinformation.

More at: r/NepalStock by buddha_emperor

  1. There is already enough discussion in this subreddit. Short ma bhannu parda kkhc le transmission line nea le nabanako bhayera 2 3 barsa ko hamro bijuli khera gayo bhanera nea sanga claim garyo khera gayeko bijuli barabar ko paisa ani report ma claim amount lai pani income statement ma halyo. yo paisa chai kunai halat ma pani paune wala chaina kkhc le dhukka bhayera base huncha.3 circuit lathyo kya ho 71 eps nikalyo bhanera pachi ghatyo sabai

  2. Balla thaha bhayo kyaho tapailai. Yo news basi bhaisakyo. Sablai thaha cha. KKHCL price is not increasing because of this reason but due to the bull run.

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