1. tell nepse will go 5000
2. tell thulo kheladi malai dubayo
3. say don’t but hydro but at at the end say upper kinus
4. tell people tapai le kina bechnu huncha or kinnu huncha yo point ma
5. make a petition of random things and take it to sebon, give 3k( price may have changed this year) to some ***zmandu and ask them to make write an article
6. dont take above points seriously, do your research

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  1. Rabindra Bhattarai le afno book ma yo sab mention garya xan.

    Bull market ko peak ma sadhu haru pani broker office ma dekhinxan. Ani chiya pasal haru ma pani, share bazaar kei kura huna thalxa. Unemployed *thulo dai* gains name and fame for predicting surges in the market.

    In contrast, market bearish jana lagda, andolan haru garxan, bhando bigyeharu le sarkar ra niyamik nikaya haru lai gaali garna thalxan. Ani aafulai *saana* laganikarta haruko subh-chintak bhanera agadi aauxan.

    Certain fellas le aafule daju-bhai, didi-bahini, kaka-kaki, mama-maiju sanga loan liyera invest gareko gaatha pani sunauxan and how they paid them off… 20 lakhs ko 40. 50 ko 1 crore. 1 ko 2. Etc., etc.

    It’s a tale as old as NEPSE.

    Might I add that shitty websites like Mero Lagani, which is in the pocket of kheladis, will post fake news to scare or entice retail investors.

    Aile Clubhouse ma mili-juli stock kinne trend cha. A certain expert lai ek jana mole le xyz stock kasto hola bhanera sodhxa and boom, dharke-haru target, stop-loss ko bishleshan garna thalchan. Without realizing that those players already have a stake in those companies and are looking to pump the price or dump it the same day/week.

    A year ago, most of us agreed that anyone could be an expert in a bull run when stock prices are more likely to go up. Many people jumped into the hydro/finance dance when it was unsustainable and they’re stuck now. Those who profited, more power to you. But the *bhedas* ended up staking their money in piss-poor companies.

    The positive aspect is that the market won’t remain bearish for many years like it used to. The negative, for such people, is that those scrips might never see their all-time highs again.

    Knowledge is power.

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