Is there a way to do intraday trading in Nepse?

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  1. Intraday trading is a fancy name. Basically you are just trading a share whose quantity is already in your DMAT.

  2. You already need to have the share of a company and personally either it needs to be highly profited, highly loss or a strong belief that the stock remains in the same level for at least next 3 trading days. Else the share you buy after selling or vice Versa will be freezed in the case of high volatility scenario unless you stop loss. While volatility is important for intraday be wary of the stock you pick.
    PS it needn’t be a intraday. You can square off your position within the next two trading days.

  3. If you have a stock that is decreased or increased by large number but it seems to come down or go back you sell it to buy it at a lower point or buy low to sell high.

    Note: This is only possible if you already own a stock.

    For example:

    If i own 100 units of ICFC an it has decreased by -6% that day, i will buy it at that price and sell it when goes higher.

    But these opportunities come very few and if you can identify and execute on these, you can make good profits

  4. If you already own stock,buying and selling the same stock at that day is kind of intra day.Other than that I see no other way

  5. I takes 3-4 days for the shares to arrive in your demat so unless you already have the stock in your account you cannot do intraday trading

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