I am highly sceptical about Hydro and this is why. Even if all the hydro projects are completed on time and are 100 % efficient we have no plan in place to monetize it.

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  1. There are bodies who’d rather have nepal remain as an under developed nation. One has to question who really profits from Nepal’s current dependency. People are always quick to blame nations but its always groups with political and financial interests that influence institutions and their foreign policies.

    Look at our policies as well.
    High import tax on goods when we completely lack the industry – this means you will always live below the standard of life you can actally afford. You could afford reliable and quality foreign products whether it be vehicles, furnitures or technology but you pay so much to live below what you can already have. ( Nepal mimicked India, atleast they already had or were creating the industry to meet those needs, Nepal lacks so many industries… why tax those products such insane numbers? It only deprives people of the life they can live, the rich can always afford it and will know people to work the system. Its the poor who always suffer)

    Decentralization of power is great to check corruption but the way it has been implemented, now you lose so much time running from one department to another to complete a task that is so trivial. People in their posts act like they are doing a favor when doing their own job.

    Nepal is so divided, only recently, with the Civil uprising seeds of segregation was planted politically as there were parties based on different sects ( i understand they were placed to represent the minorities but it could cause wide spread segregation in a country that was already plagued by the cast system and the diseases of the wealth gap )

    The people of our nation need to stand up to the blatant corruption first. Why does it matter how much water you add in the bucket if it’s mixed with contaminants, you have to clean it first.

    First stop treating politicians with too much respect. They are mere employees of the nation. Respect them when they do something worthy, not for the post they occupy. And YOU are the worst part of the problem if you are keeping in good terms just to utilize them as contacts.
    Learn to act like an empathic human ( so many teaching from different religions and philosophies yet the people are savages with insatiable greed, so many people acting plain selfish its disgusting)
    Learn to be cultured ( learn to wait, give way to others, wipe your own ass, clean after yourself… no one is coming after you to clean your trash and mess)
    Work with pride ( why does it matter if Nepal has a six day work week when everyone is too lazy and slow to do their job, and you have bribe people to do the job they are already employed for)
    Yestai ho ( shove that attitude up your goddam ass, you’re the cancerous part of the problem, feeding the monster while wondering why it grows stronger )

  2. Hydro companies are scandalous because there is no regulatory body and so cost inflation and lining of pockets of promoters are rampant

  3. Well already established hydropowers wont have any problem with India not importing the electricity. Hydropowers do PPA agreement with NEA before construction. So, its like yeah if NEA is unable to sell electricity, they wont do PPA with new hydros but already established hydros got no problem with this things. Of course market may react but just a day or two!

  4. Tell that to KKHC.. that whole KKHC AND NEA scandals proves why Hydro companies are being neglected . why dont they utilized those electricity in traffic lights in roads.. proper street lights? . Let me tell you. if they provide discounts and reduce price in electricity.. automatically all those excesss electrivity are consumed which is being waste

  5. We need to do our part as public.

    * Start using induction to replace gas cylinder.
    * If possible, buy electric vehicle.

    Nepal government is bearing Rs. 400+ loss/cylinder.

  6. Long term solution is to invest in the industry that consumes our electricity for example Fertilizer company that consume lots of energy and product can be consumed inside the country. Selling electricity to India/Bangladesh and buying their products in premium rate is not long term solution. For short term, electricity should be supplied to industries in Nepal that uses diesel for energy such as Hongshi Shivam cements (can alone utilize 60 MW electricity) NEA did not build transmission line yet so they opted out for diesel (40 Arba Chinese and 16 Arba Nepali Investment. Cheaper electricity can attract manufacturing industries but the government is just busy in their own politics. Even Rana from SC got his relative named ministers today. Such a Pity

  7. My main concerns

    1. Announcing policies, agreements, MoU is one thing implementing them is another. Businesses and investors cant wait for these decisions to take affect. Hydros will have to keep paying operating costs, depreciation, bank interest etc.

    2. Although NEA has agreed to buy electricity from these projects, these projects cant just assume that NEA will pay them incurring loss to itself. Maybe NEA will delay payments, but banks will not stop charging interest. Even if NEA agrees to pay interest on late payments this interest rate should be higher/equal to the interests charged by the bank in order for Hydro companies to make money.

    3. Nepal government should work towards policies increasing domestic consumption, this will not only bring down import costs of petroleum but create market for surplus electricity.

    4. Transmission is major issue, many projects are stalled because even if they were to complete and start production, NEA, who was supposed to build these lines hasn’t delivered yet. Being government company these transmission line projects are likely to be delayed.

  8. On the other hand, power cost in india is at an all time high. And there is a shortage of coal all over the world including india and Bangladesh.

    If an agreement is soon reached, we should be able to export the extra energy.

  9. Increasing domestic consumption is key. Switching to electric vehicles, expanding electric grids and using electric cooktops instead of LPJ are the ways to mitigate these.

  10. *An estimated 800 MW of electricity or more could be wasted during the Dashain festival, beginning October 12 as all government offices, schools and factories close to celebrate the week-long festival*

    how does electricity get wasted here, can someone explain?

  11. Its NEA that will lose…NEA already has agreement to buy all the electricity from the current Hydropowers being built

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