I bought NHPC and AKPL at 490 and 881 which means I’m at a loss of about 80k something. What am i supposed to do ? Should i still hold it or sell it and get on loss ?

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  1. You bought AKPL at 881 means you got ~17% bonus also, the price adjustment also caused price drop down means you are not in big loss. It’s better stock with divident yield, so investment.

    About NHPC, you might see good report on upcoming financials, so hold.

  2. How you bought the stock should not influence what will you do to it in future. Its a biased decision. Only think about what will happen to it in future.

  3. you cannot stay dull with these volatile stocks dude.

    sell garna darauna hunna yesto share haru. aba yesko paisa aru ma hale ni afno paisa back audaina kinaki sabse badne share nai yinai hun. only option is averaging if not wait, wait for 2 3 minths .

  4. If you’ve got cash, averaging would be the best thing to do otherwise HOLD IS GOLD hola. I too bought NHPC at 411, averaging garda garda garda garda 360 ma jhareko xu.

  5. Damn, I never got into hydros in the secondary market but had AKPL and NHPC IPO’s. I remember the prices were ~110-AKPL and ~60-NHPC for a long time.. Having seen their prices that low and other hydro-powers over the year (some of which came as below as Rs.40 after IPO), I never bought any of hydro power in the sec market.

    I do regret not catching up on the hydro fad when I had a chance though. Imagine a company trading for Rs.50-80 for a long time, reach 200, you would think that its at its peak and never buy).. lol.. But looking back now, if you have invested in fundamentally good hydros, I would say hold, now that they have started giving back dividends..

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