In 2017 my parents were like yesko naam ma ni share lirakhnu paryo. But I didn’t know anything I just remember signing few documents. Now I am older and want to invest myself but have no idea what they did. I know that I have few kitta from two companies. in 2017 my dad took me to NIBL for DEMAT account. I didn’t know what that was and when I asked he said tero share ko paisa NIBL bata NIC ASIA (where I have my bank account) ma aauxa. hamle yearly Rs. 100 tirna parxa. I didn’t understand much. Just that every year mero NIC ASIA account ma dividend vanera aairakhxa.

Now I don’t even know if I have an account with NIBL. I have some documents which I have no idea what they are. Can any one help me understand? So I have like a cheque book type thing from NIBL called DEBIT INSTRUCTION SLIP which has Depository Participant ID, Beneficial Owner ID and some username and passwords. Using that username and password I can login to this [website]( where I can see my holdings and stuff. I also have another document where it states that my CDSIL account is opened and activated.

That all I have. Can anyone explain what all this means? What do I have to do if I want to invest in IPO and stuff? My friends were like CRN linu parxa tyo kasari linxa? Sorry, I am really noob at this thing.

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  1. To invest in IPO and stuffs
    Paila jastai bank ma gayera garna ni milcha
    Or meroshare ko form vara from where you have your demat account
    Tespachi, meroshare ko id, password aaucha
    And then you can login in meroshare
    And the rest is future.

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