Today ICFC ended with 9.78% gain at the end. By looking at the floor sheet there was order of 836.40 and then next order was for 933.90. How can this be possible due to 2% gain rule?


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  1. This is the downside of having a circuit trigger at 10%

    It’s time Nepse amended this outdated system. We should go towards no circuits at all; however, In my opinion, circuit at +/-30% would be good for now.

  2. My view is.. They ordered GTD for next day too with highest bid price with random orders which could be 33 units, 14 units etc. lets say 1000 for 15 days and they just put it in order with random matchmaking order. when they want to play it. .. Then again.. after that They sell it and reduce it to lowest ..e.g 800 which is now and they again match same with highest and keep on buying near it. this could be applied in this case… this could be only possible when two or more people are involve in transactions. again and again..

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