For eg ICFC was pushed to 1200 without any reasons. People were buying it and one day the manipulator would book profit and that would bring the stock to it’s actual price eventually. There are many such instances we saw recently. There are no explanations how companies with bad books were hitting positive circuits.

Thinking this, I had the feeling that the stock prices were inflated before and a market crash was in the way and it happened.
I still believe there are stocks which are way beyond their values and a bigger crash is imminent.

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  1. If they earn some money in unpunishing bull market they consider themselves market guru and when they start losing some money then system is fucked lol.

  2. Welcome to the stock market.

    I can understand your frustrations and relate to it too, but friend this is how things work. As much as you and I would like the stock market to be an ideal place, it is not..

  3. Sometimes market goes up and sometimes it goes down. It is just its nature. Everyone is losing money currently and even those who have good companies in their portfolios. You are not the only one to know that ICFC’s stock price was inflated beyond its justifiable price. Most investors knew about this and despite that they were investing in it to make a quick buck. Those who bought it at the top never had a chance to make a profit and now they are regretting it.

    This is just how the market behaves in response to the interest rate changes. Big investors are never going to sell their good companies’ stocks at loss. I guess, the ones that are selling are just newbie investors and those who are panicking due to this interest rate changes. They are bringing down the nepse index. I would say, this is a huge opportunity to accumulate good scrips and big investors are doing exactly that, since despite the decrease in the share price, demand was significantly higher than supply.

  4. Nobody was complaining when they were earning profits while the price was going up…People will always manipulate the market because the goal is to earn profits in the end…Investors need to have some common sense before investing…

    How are you going to regulate a free market?? Put limits on how many shares one person can buy?? Put limits on how high the price can go?? Its a free market….Its the investors who needs to learn to not fall into traps

  5. Please refrain from calling everyone manipulators. If I bought some shares of ICFC at low and sold at high, I rather be known as a suave investor booking a profit. In the first place, if you are aware of so called “company with bad books” then why you buying it’s share. You have no one to blame but yourself. You can only regulate the market for scams and insider trading. You CANNOT regulate the market for speculations. Discipline, analysis and patience are required to invest not herd mentality. One of the reasons why stock prices got inflated so high was the FOMO factor. Pure herd mentality. In a down market it can play out in the opposite direction. People rushing to exit and causing the market to fall further. If the market was regulated strictly, there would be no volatility. Meaning no substantial gain no loss. The market would be stagnant. Then might as well don’t have a stock market.

  6. Topi Master Dipendra Agrawal is responsible for brutally butchering ICFC GUFL HIDCL and MEGA but for some reason people are still listening to him

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