Hey guys, what companies stock would you buy if you had 5 lakhs with you? Both mid term or long term.

How would you diversify your portfolio?

What are the reasons you want to buy those scripts?

If you’re trading, are those scripts different?

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  1. Don’t ask here go do your own research!! If you listen to majority you will end up with majority’s result rather be with few people who get success from Share market.

  2. Is it buy for trading or investing ? Get this thing cleared off first…. Do you want to split it for trading and fundamentals both ? Trades are riskier and you might loose capital as well….
    After that since that is your total amount manage it accordingly ? Do you want to spend it all at once ?
    Is that all you have or can you manage same amount if your pf goes 50 percent down as well ? Get this things cleared off first…
    And what is your time frame ? And how much returns do you expect in that frame ?
    How much patients and emotional breakdown can you handle ? Can you see your friends make a bunch in a month and your pf even not growing in capital gains ?
    After clearing off these things go for fundamentals of the script or the business module of the script and portfolio diversification… and use technical tools to determine at what position you want to take the entry….

    If you ask me i would go for 50(fundamentals) 30(emergency fund) 20(trading)and let thing compound and let money work for itself…

    And looking at the position of the index we are at right time for taking positions for fundamentals and even longer frame trades…
    You can manage this way as well.. based upon one of my pf :

    Development bank: 30% (MNBBL,GBBL(75%) for fundamentals and trading, MDB/KRBL(25 percent) for trading)
    Microfinance : 20 % (CBBL,FOWAD,SLBBL) compound these !!
    Banking : 20%(NABIL,SANIMA,SBL,NBL) compound these “selection based upon size of your pf”
    Insurance : 20% (NLIC, ALICL,SICL,NIL,SIC etc…) selection based upon oneself or DYOR. Hold insurance for a decade or two
    Others : 10% (NTC,NRIC,HDL) Awesome companies you can size them bigger as well..
    Hydropower : Not much research.. DYOR

    Select these scripts upon your own research… These are based upon one of my pfs.

  3. tapai le 5 lakh ko kinera kati ma bechne kati ma SL rakhne ani k aadhar ma kinne, tyo chhai bujhnus na


    tapai ko risk appetite kasto ho


    tapai ko set holding appetite kasto ho


    how patience are you when portfolio is negative, and how to manage it.


    is it 5 lakh to 10 lacs or 5 lacs to 20 lacs


    any script can make you money with these core concepts(more or less). Understand why you are buying. Learn to fish, dnt ask tips.

  4. I would buy more of what I have already. I ain’t mentioning them here because I don’t believe in advertising the stocks that I have about 400-500 kittas only

    I go for fundamentals.

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