In dire need of financial advice, I cannot make a proper decision on selling or holding IPO and secondary script these days while going abroad. What do you think is best for me?

I am planning to move abroad so, I am thinking of selling stocks instead of asking loan from relatives. I hope I am not doing the wrong thing. Previously, I was hoping to hold for a lifetime. But I think this is my last moment. What do you guys advise me should I take a loan from a relative or sell all the script? I have IPO and secondary script worth around 5 lakh in total but since the market is not bullish. I am kind of at a loss already.

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  1. Your decision might boil down to interest rate on loan from your relatives. If you are getting it for free (no interest, sometime lucky people get such opportunity), then absolutely go for it and hold your scrips. If not do the math.

    *If your* ***expected*** *YoY returns of your portfolio is higher than the interest rate you will be paying, then in that case hold your scrips.* [Assuming you did your research and bought a strong stock and have a conviction on your scrips that it will perform but there is no guarantee it will give you returns you are expecting within a certain time period.]

    You haven’t mentioned what the purpose of you going abroad (study or work). If its work and assuming you will have savings, then you could think of repaying loan little by little and in that case again you could hold your scrips. If its study and you think you won’t be having enough savings, square off your positions and just focus on your study and life there.

    At current market scenario (Worldwide), it seems it may take few months if not years to get the national and international economy on track. Recession fear is there, high inflation is playing its part worldwide, economy growth rate is contracted, so if you want peace of mind as u/Sad_Dragonfly9897 said “*sell em all and sleep at peace*”.

    Note: I have seen relations deteriorating due to money specially within relatives. Think wisely, it’s not only economical aspect weigh in the social aspect and your peace and well-being.

    Good luck!

  2. ipo bhaney hold… ipo haru sakey samma high ma bechya ramro ho. ahiley low cha ekdam.. nabahye regret hola.. e.g chdc mailey 1k ma bechna parney tara garina.. was exepcting at least 1500.. then again it went down to 700 something… sold at that price… and then again it start reaching to 1000 … totally regretted it.. ipo ekdham ghateyko market ma jey garda pani nabechnu.. trading ta online garda pani bhaigo ta… secondary chai .. sell… pachi ipo haru mature ra bullish bhayepachi sell gara ekdam profit hunchha

  3. Sell em all, and sleep at peace. 5 lakhs, if it gives 20% capital gain in the next 12 months, can turn into 6 lakhs. So it boils down to 1 lakhs vs having a good night sleep.

    If you are going to a first world country, I recommend you put your investments in equity market there. Nepal’s economy – with whatever data and context we have right now – is dwindling with not much hope for a leapfrog growth.

  4. No one can make that decision for you. You will have to choose and you will have to live with the consequences.

    But let me give you my 2 cents
    If your primary carrier path is going abroad your side hustle should take a back seat. Make you decision knowing that stock market will bounce back might take few years but it will. Your current stocks might be worth 5 or 10 or 20 times what its worth. Both decision have their pro and cons.


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