Long story short, i have saved up some money lets say a little over 1 lakh and currently i am studying in ktm ,living on my own . Should i use my money in market right now? I don’t want my capital to be unused , nor i want it to depressiate . Even if i gain a little amount monthly it would be great help for me to cover my miscellaneous expenses . What do you guys suggest?

FYI : i invested some money a few years back and lost all of it lol .i dont want to make same mistake

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  1. Mero ni timrai jasto case cha 1lakhs le start gareko, ma chai 20k ghata ma chu aile, dashain kharcha nikalna khojeko ultai backfire bhaye jasto bhayo.

  2. Better to invest in mutual funds. Put 10,000 rupees in a mutual fund monthly, rest in fixed deposits but in a way that you can take out 10,000rs every month for mutual funds.

    However, if you want to learn about the market, you might as well wanna buy stocks 5-10 hazar ko.

  3. Nothing gives return within a month.

    Now you may get some profit but eventually market will start down trend.

    If you want safe investment then put in FD @9% interest and chill else prepare to hold for 5 yrs or be trader and learn technical Analysis.

  4. You can earn in share market either by trading(Holding for short time in expectation of it will grow) or by investing(Holding for longer stretch of time ).most people expects share market to be like magical pot ,where if you will sprinkle 10k it will magically give us 20k .Which by luck will surely happen( during a bull run) and by luck it will fail miserably(during a bear run).But the best strategy is always to invest for longer period of time with exponentially incremental return .It is explained well by [TanmayBhat](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTOHpoC-XsE&t=152s&ab_channel=HonestlybyTanmayBhat). Basically your

    – 1 lakh will be 5 lakhs in 5 years if you invest it (NABIL 35%),

    -1 lakh will be 8 lakhs in 7 years ,

    -1 lakh will be 20 lakhs in 10 years

    That being said Institute with highest returns in NEPSE are;

    JBLB(EPS 113)

    HDL(EPS 119)

    MLBLS(EPS 92)

    NOTE:institue with higher EPS are capable of giving higher returns.

  5. Buy blue chip stock, consistently, every month & make sure you never run out of money. Buy little , you don’t need to spend all the money at once. ***Market is always bullish in long run.***

    Don’t be too greedy & don’t be too afraid to buy. There is a study done that proved monkey who pick random stock earn equal profit as stock expert in long run.

  6. The safest investment in the market is to spread out your funds in good and low-priced mutual funds. Mutual funds investing is easy and they frequently provide dividends up to 40%. It is much better than the low interest and FD from banks. Make it a habit to invest a certain percentage to MF monthly.

  7. First learn about the market and start cultivating a deep understanding of your own psychology (really important if you are trading)
    Or you can just YOLO your entire fund like the rest of us. Not FA DYOR.

  8. *Only invest what you can afford to lose – Baba Chuppi*

    If you can afford to lose that money, then yes definitely. But, if you don’t have the privilege/cannot afford to lose that much money even by any certain amount, then do not trade/invest.

    If you are fully into the idea of investing in the market tho, then build your risk management profile depending on how much you can risk to lose and put stop losses for it.

    My personal view: If the amount of money you are planning to invest can likely be a necessity in the future or right now (from bills,rents , education cost, money for emergency situations to other various things), then its better not to since investing in that situation can be equivalent to gambling.

  9. How did you manage to loose all your money? Think if you want to trade or invest and you should be good. If you’re trading then losses are normal. Tyo paisa pachi uthi halcha. Tara if it’s your life savings just invest in decent blue chip companies like people here are suggesting and simply forget about it and let the compounding do it’s magic. Tara if you’re just starting off just like I am patience is key.

  10. For long term investment, Blue chip company is the go to but most of them are a bit overpriced for long term. I would suggest you go for fundamentally good banks that has yet to declare bonus and sell them before book closing date to earn some profits. You can go for long term investment during the dip.

  11. Investing on safe script and thinking about long term is a great use of your hard earned money. It’s risky but better than spending on smartphones,partying etc. good luck ????

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