I wanted to know someone who does technical analysis and does trades based on his analysis. I’ve seen a lot of people who are “58 le falano stock kinecha, aba ta boom boom”. But genuinely strong technical analysis ko knowledge vako koi cha?

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  1. Most “young” investors usually trade than invest, or have a ratio between long-term investment and trading. Elder people I know are mostly long-term investors or proper *kheladis.*

    Do realize that if trading worked as much as some of the “experts” claim, those YouTubers who teach TA would be more focused on that over content creation.

    Not saying TA doesn’t work. Far from it. In my experience, it works well to generate some profits but if you think it can yield big time, or if anyone has that capacity, any hedgefund institution would be willing to offer you a lucrative job. Alpha returns are things of highly strategic and intelligent traders.

    The ones who have really mastered the art are rare. You’re unlikely to find such people online although it’s not impossible. In a bull market, any semi-decent chap can masquerade as a master analyst. That’s helpful in a way too. If you have some proficiency, it’s always a positive.

    One thing that can’t be taught—and it comes from years of investing and trading, understanding indicators, fundamentals, and trends—is *hunch.* Some analysts have that hunch. They’re not blind either. It’s still tactical. But a certain percentage is *hunch.*

    And, you either have it, or you don’t.

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