So, I’ve always been saying you should only invest what you can lose. But today I noticed that the Citizens Mutual Fund – 2 (CMF2) is giving 40% cash dividend. Out of making maximum returns before the book close, should I invest all the savings I have made in the very mutual fund?

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  1. Do realize that this is not the time to invest in mutual funds. It is time to sell them. You should have bought mutual funds like GIME S1 a couple months ago. I bought GIME S1 in March and I sold them all in early August.

  2. I strongly advise against it. Rather, invest with a mid-term mindset in a commercial bank with very strong fundamentals, high dividend capacity and that is cheaper in comparison to other stocks of similar strength. Hold your stock until the book close. If you want to grab the bonus, get it, if not, sell it near the peak. 0 risk, good gain.

  3. The reason they gave 40% bonus was because the market was in bull run. If you pick any trendy stock & invest there yourself, you could have gain more than 40% in this bull market.

    What will happen when market goes bearish? The profit of such funds will drop. But yes chance of them bearing loss is very low.

    I think they aren’t bad but if you direct invest in stock by yourself you can make more profit than what they offer. After all, they are distributing dividend after they take portion of your profit.

    So, for me NO

  4. I had 100 shares of LUK. Ani uniharu le dividend dine bela i got 250 tara becheko vae i would have got 500. So faida befaida you can calculate. And price do get adjusted aftee cash div too. Luk price got adjusted to 11.something, div dina lako bela it was 15. So dividend dherai dinxa bhanera lov garda ghata lagna sakxa. Aile its dropped to 10.6. What you can do is price adjust bhae paxi buy mfs with high nav and low market value, hold it for a long time and enjoy the dividend. Tara patience chahi dherai huna parxa.

  5. NOOOOOO last time maile yehi subreddit ma kina nakinnu bhanera bujako thiyo detail ma sable yetro padne fursad chaina shortcut ma bhannu bhanera bhannu bho sathi haru le tesaile yespali ekdam short ma NOOOO

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