Hello, I am a beginner in the share market and I want to invest in the long term by putting money in one company and holding it for a long time. I have managed to collect about 40K by selling some ipos and nifra itself at around 500 per share. now I want to invest my collected sum back. Is it a good idea to invest my money in NIFRA again, as it is at a very low price right now. And for the fact that NIFRA holds a lot of name among beginner secondary marketers. SO what I actually wanna know is, Is it all only a hype or NIFRA indeed is a good company whose shares have gone down?
i know i should do all my research myself and be liable for whatever i do. But since i am a beginner and we have a lot of experienced kheladis in this server, i just wanna know their opinion.

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  1. I bought Nifra @726 peak so, its terrible idea to listen my advice. But I’m gonna ramble anyway. In Bull market, the price was suppose to go 800 around but that didnot happened. Due to high share quantity price fell backward.

    Nifra hasn’t been doing great as per their financial report , they are not in loss but they are not making great profit either. So I think price between 300-400 is suitable for now.

  2. There are many banks with similar price giving food dividend than NIFRA. Unless you are planning to hold for few years, I don’t think NIFRA is a good deal.

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