Is it profitable to hold shares till books closures of bonus? Isn’t it better to buy those shares after adjustments rather than taking bonus ? Let’s suppose a company has share price 1000 at book closure date and has 50 % bonus shares and you hold 1 share of that company. After adjustment it will reach to 500 and you will have 1 share and another 1 will at least take few months to get into your demat acc. So why not buy 2 shares at 500 rather than freezing that 1 share for months. What if share price decreases very low till the time your share is frozen. You will have to beat the losses. So what’s the point of taking bonus dividend ??? Can someone explain?

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  1. Taking bonus shares or not depends upon how you perceive the market will after book closure day. If u think it’s going to be bull, take Bonus shares. If u think it’s going to be bear, sell before book closure day. Simple as this

  2. Honestly i don’t also understand why people would buy shares on the end of book closing. But that doesn’t mean you should not go after bonus shares, Lets say i am a investor and bought a share when it was 700 and later it was announced to give 50% bonus shares. During the book closing date the share price rose to 1000 and after adjustment it went to 500, Now my single share of price 700 become 2 share of total price 1000. As an Investor that’s a solid return on passive investment.

  3. Ahile ko bull run maa, bonus share linu nai best hunxa, if you see rhe price hike. I don’t think the bull run will end this year. Suppose API hydro ko 10% bonus xa and 40% rifht share i guess which book close will. Be around mid September, ani adjusted price pachi pheri tye Price mai hike hunxa 1 2 din ghate pani again because of bull. People tend to believe that the price will again go up after bonuses.

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