First of all sorry for asking this question at this time as some of you might be a Trader and might be going through a huge loss.
I am currently living in abroad and i have this small youtube channel based on gameplay and walkthroughs. It generate about 100-150 usd in month or two and that money straight goes into my Nepal Bank Account. As i don’t really gonna need that money so, i was thinking might put it on some stocks for a long term. Because i don’t really have enough time for trading and analysing shares on daily basis. Before i was in stock market i used to put those money into FD as it was better than nothing. But now considering putting those money all in some specific stocks for a long term as now is the time to get some stocks on less prices.
As the Big folks like Buffet says, “buy it for life “
Or maybe i am just being hopeful on the long term of Nepali Stock market or maybe i should consider other things?
Any suggestions are welcome ????
Thank you for Reading ????

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  1. Let’s wait, We liquidated 84% asset of our investment company when the index was near 3100. Since then we have held cash. We look forward to repurchase our past holding at some profit.

    We expect that the market will correct more. The market might continue the correction till 2200. We have estimated to double our share quantity by overall transaction or the journey from 3200 to 2500.

  2. Investing for the long run yields the best results. It is safe as well as returns are good keeping compounding in consideration.

    You can go for Blue-chip stocks like Nabil, CBBL, HDL, NTC, STC, NLIC, and many other good companies that have good growth

  3. Yes it is a good time to buy,because 1.most people don’t realize many institute will distribute their profit in these few months and will significantly dilute their share prices. is in the lowest run.

  4. Given your requirement, you have several choices
    (1) step into any capital market (NIBL, NABIL, SUNRISE, LAXMI etc etc) and ask for Managed Portfolio service. They invest (buy and sell) on your behalf for a small fee and if the portfolio performs well, there’s a performance fee. Everything is transparent and down load able.
    (2) Buy mutual fund
    (3) Choose 3 to 5 blue chip companies and make it a point be disciplined to buy once every week or twice a week or once a month these shares no matter where the Nepse is at (but definitely NOT it was overheated like towards the mid 2020 to 2021)

    Personally I have done all the above as adviced. The best return (average per yer) was selecting individual companies and investing myself but it’s also the most risky. Managed Portfolio return was good maybe a little better then FD. Mutual fund return was quite ok and least riskyI

  5. if you want moderate return with no headache go with nibl sahabhagita fund (open ended fund). You can do monthly sip and your expected return lies betweenn 15-25 % depending upon market

  6. Nobody can say what is best time to buy or hold if you dont have time for analyzing then go for mutual fund or blue chip stocks.

  7. From what experience I’ve got I suggest you to invest for long term. Give a week or so looking at fundamentally strong company with good future growth you’ll definitely benefit in the long run.

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