So seems like there has been 2 different large groups (cults?) formed in Clubhouse. One is headed by Dipendra Agrawal and the other is by someone named “Rational Investor”. The first one purely seems like a cult, trying to brainwash new retail investors. The second one is opposing to whatever the first one is trying to do.

DA’s rooms have over 3,000 clubhouse listeners, don’t invite opposing members in the speaker panel, and they are encouraging strike against NRB regarding the 12cr cap. Yesterday they created a room in which some followers even said that they are ready to “get shot at” but they will start a revolution against NRB (facepalm?). Dipendra Agrawal has asked his followers for demonstration in front of NRB on Monday, and to not trade on that day. Oh, and he says he will pressure the government to suspend the governor.

The other group is clearly in the opposition of the Dipendra Agrawal group but seems they have a small following of only about 300 listeners.

What are your thoughts on this? Is the 12 crore cap really that serious? Which group are you in? Is the market really sustained by large investors and share loan?

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  1. Dipendra Agrawal and Rohan Karki are the two biggest enemies of new retailers. Dipendra woos the new retailers by showing greed or talking about what people want (i.e. more money). On the other hand, Rohan thrashes or abuses other investors and technical analysts saying they don’t know anything. I heard that today in Clubhouse and I felt sorry for the new retailers listening to them.

    Guys, I request you to educate the investors around you – what you know. These cults are damaging the market.

    If Rational Investor is against them, I think this is good. Agrawal was expelled because of insider trading. Bizmandu was after him because they suspected of him having multiple TMS accounts. This shows how immoral he is. Sadly, people follow them.

    The reduction of loan margin is good. This is what the economy needed in Nepal. NRB is the only regulator body that has done its work properly. People cannot understand that they have invested in bad stocks. Margin lending amplifies both profits and losses. Hence, this is a good move to restrict buying from Margin lending. Increasing interest rate is good to control inflation. NRB knows better than Agrawal and his cult. These people manipulate the market with the assistance of brokers. Small investors would never understand this.

    Use your knowledge while investing. This is your money and your opinion matters most in the end. If you don’t want to buy, ask yourself the reason for not buying. If you want to buy, think twice about why you are buying the stock.

  2. I don’t know much about margin lending and 12 crore cap but i was there in dependra agrawal group and liked some points he talked like about the brokers that don’t receive the call and don’t pay the customer at time, overall this is very big issue with most of the brokers and need to be solved by rastra bank they cant be ignoring this issue

  3. Consistently buy company with good financial report & you don’t need worry if market is bull or bear.

    12 crore cap will help distribute NEPSE to all investor which is good in long run.

  4. My thought is I don’t give a single fuck about clubhouse.

    And I am ideologically against 12 carod limit but I also know the ground reality of Nepal and Nepalis. No comparison between Nepse and Nyse

    Ain’t losing sleep over this dip either. I hold long positions.

    I will start badmouthing when index falls to 1800 👹

  5. Come on. These stunts really don.t matter at all.Market is run by bigshots who don.t even use smartphone not some uber clubhouser.At most they can misguide some early investors. And these steps were taken to prevent bubble just like land bubble was prevented few years back by similar policy.

  6. People were bitching about these so called big players manipulating the market all this time…now that these big players cannot do that people are complaining and sympathizing about them…you cannot have it the both ways

  7. Ho… cornering hunxa… tara tyesko matlab sampati lai valueless banayera… desh ko investing capacity nai ghataunu right decision haina…. better transparency ra regulation lyayera cornering ko control garnu parxa… investing cap lyayo bhane economy dubxa.

  8. Ma aafai research garera invest garchu, tara long term ko lagi agrawal jasto loan mathi loan liyera bubble create garne ani NRB le cap lagauda 300-400% profit khana na pauda pura Nepse down garne haru lai ma kaile support gardina

  9. Kasai ra veda haru ho aile ali ghaas charauda makkha parxan kun din teslai president banaunu parxa vanera protest garna pani ber laudaina. Paxi ek ek vede haru lai maasu ko lagi xapkauda ani jindagi ma share market ko naam pani lidainan.

  10. Club house has become toxic for nepali share market. Newbies Lai ta topi lagaune nai badhi chan.
    Stock market motive talks bhanne chai ma sunchu.

    Tesma half an hour news Ani half an hour questions answer huncha.

    Best rule chai tya scrip ko Naam tokna paudaina. I am also newbie hai Tara malai yo chai thik lagyo.

  11. I do my own technical analysis and fundamental analysis… listening to these people and making decisions on our hard earned money is simply bullshit. First learn then only earn. Halla ra yesta manche ko pachi lagne ho bhane 1 barsha mai tapain pagal hunu hune cha .

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