Since there is very little way a human can place order exactly at 11:00:00, being on the first of the queue to get Newly listed security is rare, I wanted to make a script that can place orders in bulk at the predefined time.

Now the thing is I am not the first here to have tried this. Numerous others have already tried this thing.. So, to all coding geeks : What is the difficulty that i should be aware of while building this thing.. And if you have got some shares through script, how often are you successful in getting those shares?

More at: r/NepalStock by gareeb_kto

  1. I am not sure but doesn’t the orders from Pre session carry over to the normal session if they are within the price range?

    This effectively makes being the fastest at 11:00 am worthless

    Edit : Also you may be the fastest to put a buy order using a script but the people putting up sell order will be slow and may take few seconds to put up a sell order….by which time 1000s of other people will have put a buy order…then its pure luck

  2. You trying to score newly listed IPOs? I have used scripts to get those but some other bastard always finds a way to get them first.

  3. Or You can write a code to edit order as soon as the ltp changes to highest possible amount.So you can get an order executed on next trade.

  4. I think the pre-open session is meant yo facilitate these sort of trades (w/o automated scripts). Buy orders and sell orders are collected and matched.

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