I did:
* **My Purchase source** ma gayera WACC calculation and posted by calculation which is Rs.1000 for IPO
* Tespachi **My Holdings** ma *No EDIS Obligation left* dekhaucha. Alik pachi/voli change holanta vaneko, vayena.
* Broker ley pani hizo dekhi phone uthako chhaina. Aaja Krishna Ashtami vayera hola aaja pani uthirako chhaina.

My question is, public holiday vayeko bela yesto problem auda pani 20% penalty lagcha? I sold JBLB yesterday for a cool 52250. 20% is going to cost me a lotšŸ„¶

Edit: btw. Broker **no. 22 Siprabi** . EDIS line ma Subina Shrestha hunuhuncha. Uthaudai uthayeko haina. Arko head Gambu Rai ko number pani uthdaina. Anyone’s got their alternate number?

More at: r/NepalStock by n00ntel

  1. 1st transation ma broker le manually edis req pthauxa… so ako xaina bhane call broker
    Maile ni hizo jblb bechyaho..aja broker lai phone garera req pthauna lako

  2. Same here. Bau ko ma jblb pareko thiyo ra sell gardeko 52k ma ajhai dekhaudaina MeroShare ma. First time ho. But asti maile mero first time sell garda ekai xin ma vako thyo.

  3. I sold JBLB too mero ni ako xaina call gareko aja Public holiday ho voli 12 ma call garnu vannu vayo. Dunno bout penalty. Voli 12 ma call uthayena vane office gayera phyisically edis varne soch ma xu 52k ko 20% ta dherai hunxa. Btw mero chai 1st transaction ho.

  4. If Its your very first transaction, i think it will take some time…maile mero mom ko demat bata first time bechda EDIS ma dekhako thyena ani broker lai phone garda time lagxa first time bhaera bhaneko thyo

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