**Use this thread for discussing IPO of Emerging Nepal. All other posts will be rejected, repeat violators will be banned.**

* Issue Date: Magh 26 – Falgun 1, 2078
* Issue Size: 5,56,000 units @ Rs 100 per unit (5,16,708 units after quota for mutual funds/staffs)
* Minimum application is for 10 units
* Maximum application is for 1,000 units *(should be multiple of 10)*
* Issue Manager: NIC Asia Capital Limited
* Credit Rating: [ICRANP-IR] BB+ Issuer *(indicates moderate degree of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations)*


* How to Apply: Online through MeroShare or C-ASBA approved banks
* How many units to apply: 10 kitta or Rs 1,000

**Who can apply?**

* All general public except institutional investors
* Mutual funds (27,780 shares set aside as quota)
* Staffs of the company (11,112 shares set aside as quota)

**Things to Note:**

* Paid-up capital will reach Rs 55.56 crore after the IPO
* Promoter-public ownership will be 90:10 after the IPO
* Networth Per Share: Rs 105.11 (audited Q4 FY 77/78)
* Earnings Per Share: Rs 2.32 (audited Q4 FY 77/78)
* **Tentative opening range after listing: Rs 105.11 — Rs 315.33**

**About Emerging Nepal:**

Emerging Nepal Limited (ENL) is a public-private partnership firm established to invest in diverse projects and fields. Its investments ranges from banking and service industries to hotels, tourisms, hospitality, healthcare, startups and even infrastructure financing. The Government of Nepal is a promoter shareholder along with other renowned bankers, investors and investment houses including Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Ambika Prasad Poudel, Gynandra Dhungana, Vishal Group (promoter of NICA) and others.

**Current notable investments include:**

* Hotel Alice The Wonder Inn
* CARE Ratings Nepal Ltd.
* Nepal Infrastructure Bank Ltd.
* Banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal Ltd.

Funds collected from the IPO is expected to be utilized in Energy, Infrastructure and other miscellaneous sectors as per the objectives of the company.

Links: [Offer Letter](https://www.nicasiacapital.com/storage/popup/2022/01/announcement-noticeemerging-nepal_1643638176.jpg) | [Credit Rating](https://www.icranepal.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/173.-Rationale_Emerging-Nepal-Limited_Issuer-Rating_May-2021.pdf) (PDF)

More at: r/NepalStock by JackThorne30

  1. Why are they allowing for company like these to issue 10% capital To public only for players to hike the price to thousands.

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