**Use this thread for discussing IPO of Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidhyut Company. All other posts will be rejected, repeat violators will be banned.**


>Existing shareholders who have been allotted in the previous phases of the IPO **CANNOT** apply in this IPO. You can only apply if you have not been allotted in the previous phases. This includes:
>EPF staffs
>EPF holders
>Locals of project-affected site
>staffs of NEA
>staffs of Chilime Hydropower
>staffs of Sindhu Investment Pvt Ltd
>staffs of Sindhupalchowk Hydropower Company
>staffs of Nepal Araniko Hydropower Company
>staffs of Sindhu Bhotekoshi Hydropower Limited


* Issue Date: Ashoj 20 – Ashoj 25, 2078
* Issue Size: 90,00,000 units @ Rs 100 per unit (81,90,000 units after quota for mutual funds/staffs)
* Minimum application is for 10 units
* Maximum application is for 10,000 units *(should be multiple of 10)*
* Issue Manager: GBIME Capital Limited
* Credit Rating: CARE-NP BB Issuer *(indicates moderate degree of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations)*



* How to Apply: Online through MeroShare or C-ASBA approved banks
* How many units to apply: 10 kitta or Rs 1,000


**Who can apply?**

* All general public except institutional investors
* Mutual funds (4,50,000 shares set aside as quota)
* Staffs of the company (3,60,000 shares set aside as quota)


**Things to Note:**

* Paid-up capital will reach Rs 6 arba after the IPO
* Promoter-public ownership will be 75:25 after the IPO
* Networth Per Share: Rs 94.39 (audited Q4 FY76/77)
* **Tentative opening range after listing: Rs 94.39 — Rs 283.17**


**Powerplant and Project Progress:**

* 102MW installed capacity in Bhotekoshi River, Sindhupalchowk district (Barhabise Municipality-5 and Bhotekoshi VDC-5)
* Run-off-River hydropower project with annual power generation of 542 GWh
* Required Commercial Operation Date of Nov 30, 2021
* Total Investment of Rs 16.9 arba with Per MW Cost of Rs 16.64 crore (including interest)
* Generation License valid for 27.5 years (expires Mangsir 17, 2105)

Links: [Offer Letter](https://globalimecapital.com/uploads/images/popup/2021-09-28/IPO_MADHYA_BHOTEKOSHI_JALABIDHUT-Public_FH11.jpg) | [Credit Rating](https://careratingsnepal.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Issuer-Rating-of-CARE-NP-BB-Is-Assigned-to-Madhya-Bhotekoshi-Jalavidyut-Company-Limited.pdf) (PDF)

More at: r/NepalStock by JackThorne30

  1. Hi,

    I applied via NIC Asia its 10 KITTA and I want to edit to 20, but there is no any option, Can I apply via Meroshare additional 10 KITTA?

  2. I applied via meroshare yesterday at first hour (around 10:15 AM) and still unverified till now. My question is, is it normal to take this long to get verified or is it that my bank is just supper slow and only mine that’s taking this long to get an application approved.

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