This might sound weird, when I tried to log into meroshare account it showed Invalid username or password and I haven’t changed anything, it was logging just fine last week.
This is my mom’s account which I generally use to fill IPO when I tried to login yesterday it was saying that. I tried forgetting password but It stays information don’t match. I don’t know what I did wrong? I have renewed the meroshare and dmat last month. Whom do I contact? It’s really weird.

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  1. Same thing happened with my dad account yesterday. Even tho username and password was right, it was saying invalid username or password. But after several attempts, he could log in.

  2. Forget password ma make sure ur entering the client Id correctly. Tei pani error ayo bhane contact the organization u got ur MeroShare from. Its error from their side.

  3. Once please contact the bank or dp you have made Dmat
    Contact bank or respective capital
    Or if you have though broker contacr broker

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