With the recent monetary policy introduced by NRB, which microfinances are most likely to go in merger in the immediate future? Also what is the likely hood of Sadhana laghubitta going for merger in the near future with the provision regarding cross holding in microfinance?
P.S. I only rely on Technical analysis for trading stocks. Hence would like get views from investors or traders that have knowledge regarding nrb’s monetary policy and various cross holding among financial institutions!

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  1. yes crossholding vako microfinance merger maa janu parne ho according to NRB Monetary Policy. nayapatrika had posted some details about the % holdings of different banks on micros

  2. miros like deprocs, NICA lagbhubitta, CBBL, GILB likely to acquire wholesale micro imo. currently, some wholesale micro are cheaper than retail one.

  3. Wholesale microfinance to Retail microfinance

    Edit : If a wholesale microfinance institution merges with a retail microfinance institution, the merged institution can also indulge itself in retail operations.

  4. Begineer here …I heard Infinty and Nagro went into 10:9.8 acquisition… I have 13 shares of NAGRO…does that mean I will get 12 shares of INFINTY?…IF yes then when?

  5. Aba yeah chai purai board member ra management ko decision huncha ko sanga Jani, Jani ki nnajani rastra bank le chai crossholding bhako Lai force gari racha sabaile birodh gareko chan yesko heram k huncha chart hereko jasto sajilo hudaina yo kura haru

  6. Microfinances with low paid-up capital are likely to go for merger.Sadhana laghubitta chai merger jadaina hola , yo pali ramrai bonus aairaxa sayad tei vayera badhiraxa.

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