Which of the above three is good for short term trading?

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  1. People are always going to answer based on their experience with particular sectors. I’ve made good short term profit with finance stocks; a friend is making bank in hydro. My colleagues enjoy dev bank trade returns. Do you think there’s a black and white answer here?

    Volatility is a tendency to change quickly. Short term trades are based on market volatility.

    Let’s say majority of commenters suggest hydro. You go and put your cash in hydro, then the sector plummets. You realize you made a mistake, sell at a 10% loss because you panic as you didn’t have much info to begin with; ignorance breeds fear. You put the stocks in finance now because hydros went berserk. Then couple days later, finance goes sideways and eventually starts plummeting too and hydro starts growing. Realizing in hindsight that all these “what is the best sector” questions akin to “what is the best sex position” questions from teenagers in Yahoo answers in forums and group chats don’t get you anything, you sell your stocks again and get cash 30% less than what you’d started with. You hear A class banks are stable, and put your cash in BOK, only to see your friend who just started investing just bought a car from profits he booked through his short term trades in dev banks, while your BOK stock moves slower than a tortoise.

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