Talking about mutual funds what are the things one shoud consider before buying mutual funds.I am new in this sec market. I can save around 4 -5 k monthly so what shoud be my choice and as a investment for future what should i expect from mutual funds.

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  1. The investing strategy that you’re planning is also called dollar-cost averaging. The best strategy in my opinion.

    Now as for how mutual funds have done. Let’s look at funds that have matured. The best performer: SIGS1 returned 124.5% over 5 years in dividends and was redeemed at Rs. 21.77. The worst performer Laxmi Value Fund-1 (LVF1) returned 13% per annum over five years and was redeemed at par (10). To see the historical performance: [](

    The biggest advantage to buying mutual funds is that they’re often available at discounts to their real value (net asset value). I mean right now mutual funds are trading at 30-20% discount. Take your pick: []( Tip: Don’t apply for mutual fund IPOs, I mean why buy something for 10 when you can buy the same thing at a discount.

    Note: Mutual funds provide diversification and are one of the safest bets for new investors. Start with buying mutual funds at a discount regularly and then move to buy individual stocks when you find the one you like. Most importantly, keep learning by reading books, watching educational videos etc.


    Good luck and happy investing.

  2. 1200 to 3200 Nepse pugda
    mutual fund ko return is max 50%.

    even the GIMES1 has not given anything since its birth(ignore 4 percent). Poor management and Poor Capital. Its already dashain and still they can decide the dividend.

    the Shittiest mutual fund.

  3. Kam chaina Nepal ma mutual fund lastai underperforming chan keyi strategy nai chaina aile ni 15% jati khasyo market khasda if they can’t beat the index ma afai low beta stock haru ko diversified portfolio banauchu ani birsinchu long term lai.
    Ipo ko reservation hataidine ho bhane matrai yeni haru ko return 30% kam aaucha hola jun bull market ma paisa 6 times samma bhayo mf haru le hardly 100% return generate gareko chan

  4. Mutual funds give more than 10% only during the bull market. During bearish market they’re worst, some of them give nothing, some give around 3-4%.

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