Don’t get offended, you can share your own view.
I am laying down some of the facts.
( Not trying to create panic )

Nepal ko economy last 2-3 barsa ko weakest point ma 6.
Remittance, tourism jun nepal ko cash cow thiyo tyo nai kaam va6,
Import bade6 ( trade deficit max ma 6 )
Manxey lay foreign employment paira xainan.
Interest rate badya badai 6, appo aauni din ma aajai mathi jani wala 6.
Manxey lay, covid paxi pheri business ko lai bank bata loan derai ligera ( CD ration in border line ), liquidity crisis hunay wala 6.
Market sentiment ni paila jastai strong xaina.
Buffet indicator lay market over valued vanay6.

Ho ma manxu, dividend season 6 ra market teti xito tala aaxaina. Tara long term ma kasari market mathi jan6, malai kunai logic dinus tw??

Ho malai ni market mathi gako dekhna maan 6, profit kamauna maan 6, but ki reality tira ni herna ho ki???
Ani kei analysis garera market ma paisa halyo aani, last ma regulator bodies aani sarkar esto usto vandai bsyo..

I think, it’s better that we as a intelligent people do our own technical analysis and start investing rather than following some fake gurus and media for short term profit. Kinaki tinur ni afno profit ko lagi matra afno company ko prachar gardai xan.

Please protect your own property.
Thank you.

Your views and upvotes are highly appreciated.

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  1. Tourism is bouncing back…number of tourist is increasing every month…will take time to recover but jane mathi nai ho unless pheri lockdown na bhae ma…

    The number of people going abroad for work has been the highest last month ma since the pandemic began…so remittance will surely start increasing….

    The government spending will soon start to pick up as the festival ends…that will surely ease the liquidity a bit….

    Long time border closure le garda import bhako thiyena so ahile ekai choti import bhako ho….dasain tihar ma yesai pani import badhcha nai…bistari tyo ni normal level ma aucha…

    Ani last but not the least elections are coming up…..which means more money in the market.

    What we are seeing right now is the effect of two years of pandemic but in my opinion we have reached past the lowest point…with everything returning to normal the economy will surely pick up …kehi time lagla…short term ma garo hola….long term ma jane mathi nai ho

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