Need an advise regarding stock investment

I am learning about stock market recently but i wanna hear your opinion as well.

So i save 1 lakh monthly for my investment. 10k goes on 2 SIP 5k each . 30k i save on bank so once the amount is big enough i put it on FD.

So what would you do if you had 50k each month for stock market. Obviously i want to invest it for long term 10 years at least. Once i put my money i am never taking it out.

And the 10k i have i am thinking about increasing sip amount to 10k each is it a lot of money for SIP or its fine ??

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  1. Almost all Commercial banks are best for the long term, no Doubt. Study their financial reports and make your own choice. My top picks are NABIL, GBIME, SCB, NIMB & SBL, but you have to make your own choice through research.

  2. One suggestion. Stay away from the fake stock market courses and stock tips from Youtube and Tiktok. There’s no way one can teach everything about stock market in weeks or months. It comes with years of study and experience. You can watch free videos on youtube. There are loads of them. Try to learn by yourself.

  3. Not a professional stock market professional buy if I were you I would do the following if I made extra 1 lakh per month regularly.


    1. Education – I would invest significant amount in education and materials for gaining knowledge about stock market, finance and economics but be aware of fake courses and fake gurus.
    2. SIP – This is a good idea. I will consider doing in 2 different mutual funds for 5k each.
    3. Saving – I will allocate about 15k for saving. This will be used for my emergency fund. Once it reaches about 5-6 lakhs (as it seems monthly income is more than 1.5 lakh), I will invest it in stock market.
    4. Stock – About 50k would be there for the stock market. I would invest in good fundamental companies (as it is for long term and this is best chance to invest long*). I would properly diversify my portfolio holding stocks from each sectors. Moreover, I would also invest in debentures.
    5. Mutual Funds – I would also invest in close ended mutual funds. About 10k would be there for mutual funds.
    6. Trading – I would allocate 10k per month in my saving account for trading purpose. This would help me stay active on market and make short term gains. When my emergency fund is full (i.e. 5-6 lakhs) I would use that for trading purposes as well depending upon market situation.
    7. RD – I would also allocate some money on recurring deposits. May be about 10k per month would be good for me. Since everything above is related to stock market RD/FD would be great way to break through dependency from stock market and minimize risk.
    8. Tax – Having so large amount earned, I would surely focus on Tax management as this would help me save a lot annually.


    Having such earning I would surely invest on other things like real-estate, gold etc. after I have proper funds. About 90% of the above investment is related in stock market and for long term investment I want to have something that is not depended on stock market.


    ^((* The amount invested for long term on fundamentally strong company and amount spend on trading for the company with high chance of price spike differs considering market conditions. Obviously on bull markets trading fund would be allocated a lot more than invested one. No matter how much market rises, there always comes bull and nobody can predict exactly when and from which point will the market start falling so consider using proper stoploss while trading))

  4. Aru ko vanai ma nalaga. The biggest investment would be to invest on oneself. Find a mentor read books,blogs,articles ani analyze market. If you think this is too much, better not come to market. Besar rw zeera kinera basa, bade paxi bechnu

  5. If you want no work at all, do SIP of all the fund instead of going with FD.
    You can also invest in the stock of the bank where you put FD. Be an owner instead of a client and earn money off of other people’s FDs 🙂

  6. Best option right now is buy Good stocks with strong fundamental like Nabil, EBL, HDL, NTC and accumulate overtime. You can also allocate 5% on small to midcap companies which can give much more return. If your horizon is 10+years then you will easily make great return. The market right now is 40٪ from its ATH and if you keep average every month then you are good for long term.

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