Technical analysis aile sikdaixu. 2 4 ota book ani course heru herisakera technical analysis as side income try garna maan xa. Manxe heru le TA garda paisa janxa matra vanxa feri TA garne chineko manxe heru le chai profit mai baseko vanxa.

Mero main question chai kati percent average ma return expect garda hunxa TA garera (with small capital around 1 2 lakh)

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  1. It’s hard to earn when the market’s going down..

    I’ve tried TA, having patience, choosing the so-called ‘bluechips’ and ‘fundamentally good’ companies but unless you have insider news or people at higher places, you Just can’t time the falling market. I lost about 7% overall in my last trade setup because I entered during the correction and didn’t wait for it to hit bottom so all my stocks hit the stoploss and I sold them. Best you can do is accumulate little amounts at support zones and wait but never go all in on a falling market. NEVER!!

    But when market’s going up, most scrips go up as well so the choosing of stocks is less relevant in making profit and more relevant in maximizing profit. There is sector rotation in NEPSE when there is bullish sentiment so, if you can enter the trending sector before it booms, that’s how you maximize gains.

    And TA only comes in to set entry points(support areas) and exit points(resistances), look for reversal signals, find out sector rotation and the works.

    The main thing is discipline and proper execution of plans. Even though I’m a full-time job holder, I am mostly glued to the screen with tms open or at least in a background tab to execute ‘intraday’ trades and whatnot. I’ve lost a lot when impatient. I’ve even earned 100% gains in a month during the recent ‘bank bull’ right before 3200. But the most important thing is knowledge and discipline.

    I haven’t thought about long-term at all. My only sort-of long term plan is that With the amount of capital I have, I want to build up more and more wealth to a point where I can live off of dividends/passive income. Short term gains and losses, they’re just small pixels in a bigger picture.

  2. garo cha bro kahile kahi 10 lakh le 1 lakh dincha…kahile 20 le…matter is trading is hard work..only try if u r dedicated. side income ko lagi invest garne…sip regularly…

  3. Earned around 5% last week and 5% before that week.

    Dont know anything about TA just know ‘how to control my emotion and greed’.

    Aja ni JLI @640 ma becheko chu hoping to buy same quantity @600 or below soon.

    PS- Not a suggestion

  4. Mahina ko hisab launa mildaina Nepse ma, cause bideshi market ma market up and down dubai tira Jada profit earn garna milcha but Nepal ko market ma market mathi Jada matrai earn garna milcha profit. So, 2 mahina tala gako gai garyo bhane earning hudaina.

    Secondly, market mathi gako bela ma trader ko experience ma Bhar parcha, 20% – 50% ho praya experienced trader haru ko average.

    Yesko lagi, Kun time ma kine matra haina, Kun time ma bechne bhanera Pani janeko hunu parcha. Praya Nepse ma Manche le Kun bela bechne teti dhyan didainan, Ani Ek choti fasechi faseko fasai huncha, Ani “herda herdai short term trader Bata long term investor bhaincha”.

  5. It solely depends on your analysis. It’s all about fear & Greed.

    In Nepal, You only earn when market goes Up ! So, there’s no fix limit per month. When there’s bear cycle you won’t earn that much rather you loose. So, It’s not about TA it’s about trend.

    Nepse is planning to add an option of short sell. Then these TA thing will come into effect ig !

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