|20th Dec ’20|-4.77%|
|21st Dec|+1.57%|
|22nd Dec|+4.86% |


| 6th Dec ’20 | -6.00% |
| 7th Dec | +3.74% |


| 10th March ’20 | -6.02% |
| 11th March | +5.47% |

(COVID crisis, another -ve circuit didn’t pullbacked)


| 26th March ’18 | -4.25% |
| 27th March | +3.35% |


| 30th Jan ’17 | -4.76% |
| 31th Jan | +1.29% |
| 1st Feb | +4.77% |


| 27th Nov ’16 | -4.21% |
| 28th Nov | +2.77% |
| 29th Nov | +2.29% |


| 8th Aug ’16 | -5.03% |
| 9th Aug | +5.02% |


So, there should be a major pullback in the next few days. Whatever might be the reason, but the money psychology remains the same in investors. However, this time the trend reversal (uptrend) seems unlikely immediately.

More at: r/NepalStock by PeekIntoTheMagic

  1. The latest market rise was created artificially mainly by 3 sectors; finance, dev bank and hydro by cornering. All the other major sector are still at the same level they were one years ago. This fall was expected but not to this extend and the market may not follow previous trend as you show, this fall also seems to be artificially created.

  2. Can someone do this with 3 trading days before and after the circuit breaker day?

    That would show the context more clearly, I think.

    This is a bit vague.

    Still good work though.

  3. Nice analysis there. But I don’t think that the overall sentiment of the investors can be tabulated in the form of data like you have shown above. Market sentiment was quite different back then, leading to those trends. But this time it is different as I think most investors are panicking due to the 12 crore cap. My portfolio is already 20% down and I am thinking about selling my stocks so that I can buy if it dips even further. Let’s see how the market behaves tomorrow.

  4. one thing to focus here is mainly the fact that we have been in an up trending bullish market and such big falls in an up trending market just mean buying opportunities for people once stocks start to get relatively undervalued in the trending market during price corrections after impulses.

    While we are still in a long term up trending market, we don’t know about the future and cannot say for sure anything, will be fun the next 2,3 mainly and how the market will market.

    Nice analysis you have done here though, keep it up

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