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NEPSE TMS 10 Login Link

Pragyan Pvt. Limited
Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Nepal Stock Exchange – Broker Number 10

NEPSE System (NOTS) is an electronic trading platform established by Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) to facilitate trading of securities in Nepal. NOTS is designed to provide investors with a convenient and way to buy and sell securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, in the Nepal Stock Exchange.

NOTS offers investors real-time access to market data and trading information, enabling to make informed decisions about their . The platform provides investors with a variety of tools and features to manage their portfolios, including the ability to place orders, track their trades, and trading reports.

One of the key benefits of NOTS is that it allows investors to participate in the stock market the need to physically visit the exchange. This makes it easier and accessible for investors, especially those who live outside of the Kathmandu valley, to participate in the stock market.

To use NOTS, investors must first open an account with a NEPSE-licensed broker. Once the account is opened, investors can access the platform from their or mobile device using their login credentials. NOTS supports a variety of order types, including market, limit, and stop orders, and offers investors access to market depth analysis and other relevant information.

Overall, NEPSE Online Trading System has revolutionized the way investors participate in the Nepal Stock Exchange. By providing a convenient and efficient platform for online trading, NOTS has made it easier and more accessible for investors to invest in securities and participate in the stock market.

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