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[Updated] Trade Management System (TMS) User Manual for Clients with Login URL

User manual for internet-based fully automated online trading system (NEPSE TMS).

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Do you have any experience in the stock market? If you are a stock trader, you will benefit from the convenience of self-directed online trading.

The Nepse Trade Management System (Nepse TMS) has made online stock trading more convenient for investors by connecting them to their broker and the Nepse infrastructure. Following the receipt of your trading username and password, you can log into the NEPSE Online Trading System (NOTS) using the Nepse TMS Login Url to access the system. Each broker has their own TMS URL, which is unique to them.

The Nepse TMS Urls for each broker are listed in the table below as well. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to the URL of your broker.

NEPSE TMS Login Link

Broker # Broker Nepse TMS
Login Link
1 Kumari Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms01.nepsetms.com.np
3 Arun Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms03.nepsetms.com.np
4 Opal Securities Investment (Pvt) Limited https://tms04.nepsetms.com.np
5 Market Securities Exchange Company (Pvt) Limited https://tms05.nepsetms.com.np
6 Agrawal Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms06.nepsetms.com.np
7 J.F. Securities Company (Pvt) Limited https://tms07.nepsetms.com.np
8 Ashutosh Brokerage & Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms08.nepsetms.com.np
10 Pragyan Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms10.nepsetms.com.np
11 Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company (Pvt) Limited https://tms11.nepsetms.com.np
13 Thrive Brokerage House (Pvt) Limited https://tms13.nepsetms.com.np
14 Nepal Stock House (Pvt) Limited https://tms14.nepsetms.com.np
16 Primo Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms16.nepsetms.com.np
17 ABC Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms17.nepsetms.com.np
18 Sagarmatha Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms18.nepsetms.com.np
19 Nepal Investment & Securities Trading (Pvt) Limited https://tms19.nepsetms.com.np
20 Sipla Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms20.nepsetms.com.np
21 Midas Stock Broking Company (Pvt) Limited https://tms21.nepsetms.com.np
22 Siprabi Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms22.nepsetms.com.np
25 Sweta Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms25.nepsetms.com.np
26 Asian Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms26.nepsetms.com.np
28 Shree Krishna Securities Limited https://tms28.nepsetms.com.np
29 Trishul Securities And Investment Limited https://tms29.nepsetms.com.np
32 Premier Securities Company Limited https://tms32.nepsetms.com.np
33 Dakshinkali Investment Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms33.nepsetms.com.np
34 Vision Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms34.nepsetms.com.np
35 Kohinoor Investment and Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms35.nepsetms.com.np
36 Secured Securities Limited https://tms36.nepsetms.com.np
37 Swarnalaxmi Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms37.nepsetms.com.np
38 Dipshika Dhitopatra Karobar Co. (Pvt) Limited https://tms38.nepsetms.com.np
39 Sumeru Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms39.nepsetms.com.np
40 Creative Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms40.nepsetms.com.np
41 Linch Stock Market Limited https://tms41.nepsetms.com.np
42 Sani Securities Company Limited https://tms42.nepsetms.com.np
43 South Asian Bulls (Pvt) Limited https://tms43.nepsetms.com.np
44 Dynamic Money Managers Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms44.nepsetms.com.np
45 Imperial Securities Co. (Pvt) Limited https://tms45.nepsetms.com.np
46 Kalika Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms46.nepsetms.com.np
47 Neev Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms47.nepsetms.com.np
48 Trishakti Securities Public Limited https://tms48.nepsetms.com.np
49 Online Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms49.nepsetms.com.np
50 Crystal Kanchenjunga Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms50.nepsetms.com.np
51 Oxford Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms51.nepsetms.com.np
52 Sundhara Securities Limited https://tms52.nepsetms.com.np
53 Investment Management Nepal (Pvt) Limited https://tms53.nepsetms.com.np
54 Sewa Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms54.nepsetms.com.np
55 Bhrikuti Stock Broking Co. (Pvt) Limited https://tms55.nepsetms.com.np
56 Shree Hari Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms56.nepsetms.com.np
57 Aarya Tara Investment And Securities (Pvt) Limited https://tms57.nepsetms.com.np
58 Nasa Securities Co. Limited https://tms58.nepsetms.com.np
59 Divya Securities & Stock House (Pvt) Limited https://tms59.nepsetms.com.np