August 2008 (Bear start): – On August 2008 Bear trend started and stayed until March of 2012, August 2008, Constituent Assembly Chairman Prachanda [Pushpa Kamal Dahal], of the CPN-M, was sworn in as prime minister.

August 2016 (Bear start): – On August 2016 bear trend started and stayed until April 2018. Pushpa Kamal Dahal become Prime minister for second time.

August 2021 (Bear start): – Many are still saying its not bear but correction but whatever market is down by about 800 points till this date. And surprisingly the finance minister is Janardhan Sharma (Maoist Centre)

Opinion :- I’m wondering why Month August and CPN – Maoist center is not very favorable for Nepse. One is Natural thing that no one can control but what about this Maoist party. In long term if you see market has performed very well just before its downward trend has started.
Someone is not really liking Nepse to grow. 😀

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  1. In last speech puspa cum dhal also said something about market which caused yesterday’s heavy downfall. This delusional man talks senseless things and people react exact opposite. We are to be blamed actually

  2. A capitalist stock market not doing well under a communist leader…who would have thought…and before anyone says the market did well under Oli you have to remember the market went down to 1100 during his first two years…it was only the pandemic and the lockdown that saved the market…Congress really fucked up by giving the Finance Ministry to the Maoist

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